Fishing Adventures In Canada

If you are the sort of person who enjoys a more extreme and thrilling fishing trip, then Canada is definitely the place for you. In Canada there are rivers, lakes, and streams in abundance. You can find both fresh and saltwater fishing areas all within close proximity of each other. And the fish themselves are plentiful in this great part of North America. And as a result there are many types of fishing trips to choose from, so you are sure to find one or more that you love.

As for bodies of water, there are two main types of fishing in Canada – salt water and lake water fishing. Both are different from one other, and information concerning either is available in most any of the plentiful fishing equipment shops. You can also buy everything in the fishing shops that you will need for your trip.

Salmon fishing is particularly popular in Canada. And as there are many “versions” of salmon to fish, you might experience some difficulty making a choice. Frequently, people base their trips simply and exclusively around salmon fishing.

Fishing in the salty waters of Canada’s three coasts is immensely popular. There are scores of large fish to be caught off the shores, increasingly as the waters reach deeper levels. Tuna and shark are two of the species that are highly sought.

The older sport of fly fishing is also very common in Canada. Fly fishing is performed by using a lure, also known as a fly. If this is of interest to you, check out some of the fly fishing packages available.

Ice fishing is another form of fishing that offers a lot of fun while in Canada. There is quite a bit of equipment that you need for such trips, however, but your guide – if you hire one – will be more than happy to help you gather what you require. While there, you can rent an ice hut to serve as shelter from the elements. Ice fishing truly has to be experienced to gain a good appreciation of its nuances. And if you are an adventuresome fisherman, you will no doubt want to try it yourself – at least once.

Regardless of the form of fishing you enjoy in Canada, it is wise to enlist the help of a guide. By hiring a guide you will be able to gain the most benefits from your fishing trip. It is also wise to pack emergency equipment such as your cell phone, first aid kit, and extra clothing to keep warm.

You will have a great time fishing in Canada!

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