Fishing & Lead Capture – Part One of Three

“Those worms are good enough to catch the sunfish around the edge, but you gotta use some liver and cast out to the middle to catch the big cats.”

The ol’ fella was right – good advice for that place and time. I caught more catfish that day than I had all summer.

Fishin’ and lead capture. They’re not so different.

Right bait… right place… BAM! You get a strike – someone drops their contact info into your autoresponder form to get some of that sweet smellin’ bait you’ve offered them.

Then you set the hook – and verify their subscription.

To protect yourself, your business and your subscribers, always use a subscription verification to make sure they are actually interested in reading your material.

Some will confirm. Some will not. But that doesn’t mean the trip is over.

You keep on fishing.

…and eventually you get another strike.

Once you get the hook set (receive confirmation of a new subscriber), it’s time to real in your fish – deliver your lead to a sales page for your product or service.

You can’t just lift your rod, crank the reel like a lunatic to drag the fish to the boat. You could easily break the line and lose your new lead.

You have to use a little finesse.

Let him take some slack (give up some great, free information), and allow just a little room to run.

Ease him in – guide him and reel up the slack as you go.

Show your lead – your new friend – that you can be trusted. Don’t lose ground by sending junk in an effort to make money.

Closer and closer he gets until you have EARNED his trust – and his business.

Then you hold him up by the ankles and pose for a picture. (just kidding)

This is the first in a series of three articles devoted to the exciting art of lead capture and list marketing.

In part two we will talk more about your bait, presentation and setting the hook. Don’t miss it.

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